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Karnataka's pioneering spirit in the field of power has been translated into several major milestones. Established Asia’s first – Hydro Electric Power Station in Shivanasamudram, on the banks of river Cauvery during 1902. Karnataka the first to embark on Alternating current, when Bangalore Citys lighting scheme was completed. Karnataka had the longest transmission line in the world in 1902, from Shivanasamudram to KGF, covering a distance of 147 km and it was the first state in the country to conceive and set up a professionally managed Corporation to plan, construct, operate and maintain power generation projects in the state. Thats the legacy that KPCL started with and built on.

For over four decades, the Karnataka Power Corporation has been a prime mover and catalyst behind key power sector reforms in the state – measures that have spiralled steady growth witnessed in both industrial and economic areas. Right from the year of inception, in 1970, KPCL set its sights on “growth from within” meeting growing industry needs and reaching out to touch the lives of the common person, in many ways.

KPCL since its inception in 1970 has grown steadily with initial installed capacity of 746MW to 8738.305MW as on 09.06.2020. The present installation comprises 5020 MW of Thermal Power, 3679.75MW of Hydro power, 4.555MW of wind power and 34 MW of solar power, with 370MW of Combined cycle power on the verge of commissioning. Some of these power plants were commissioned several years back and in order to keep these units operating healthy, R&M activities were carried out for certain units and needs to be carried out for remaining units, based on their ageing and operating hours.

From an industry point, KPCL has raised the bar on the quality of deliverables and is constantly working at lowering the cost per megawatt – a commendable cost-value equation that has become a benchmark on the national grid. KPCL’s stock in trade is industry proven – well-established infrastructure & modern, progressive management concepts and a commitment to excel, helping it meet the challenges of the rising energy demands of Karnataka.

The leverage point of KPCL initiatives are its resource management strengths – right across planning, financing and project engineering. KPCL also has a high rating in terms of project completion and commissioning within the implementation calendar.






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